More Details about Practical Manual of Pharmacology for Medical Students

General Information  
Author(s)Dinesh Badyal
PublisherJaypee Brothers Medical Publishers
Edition2nd Edition
Publish YearApril 2018


Practical Manual of Pharmacology for Medical Students By Dinesh Badyal
Key Feature:- 
• Covers all essential components of pharmacology practicals which could contribute to improve therapeutics. Contains updates in all chapters and additions of 6 more chapters. 
• Emphasizes more on dosage forms and correct way to administer these forms rather than pharmacy preparations in clinical pharmacy section. 
• Explains experimental pharmacology in relation to computer simulation modules. 
• Clinical pharmacology section has been expanded further and more examples have been added and updated. Prescription writing is new format as per recent revision and drug interactions are in problem-based pattern. Explains how to critically analyze drug promotional literature and drug formulations. 
• Discribes pharmacokinetic parameters with formula and their clinical significance. 
• Elaborates rational drug use, essential drug concept, monitoring of adverse reactions and therapeutic drug monitoring with examples. 
• Includes principles of drugs used in special populations, pregnancy, lactation, hepatic and renal diseases. Discusses ethics for animal experiments as well as human clinical trials. 
• Includes research component as students are doing short research studies. 
• Provides objectives and exercises have been provided at the end of every chapter.