More Details about Psychological Assessment And Theory: Creating And Using Psychological Tests, 8th Edition

General Information  
PublisherCengage Learning
Publish YearJanuary 2013


In addition to offering a clear overview of psychological testing and measurement basics, the text presents psychological testing applications in a variety of applied fields. The authors provide a current analysis of the most widely used psychological tests in schools, professional training programs, businesses, industry, civil service, the military, and clinical settings, helping students understand how these tests can make a difference in their careers. Chapters on issues in psychological testing feature new developments in present-day social justice, law, and ethics. Chapters are independent from each other, allowing professors to structure their class to their own course objectives. The text features test profiles and sample items to help students see how psychological testing is used and reported, in addition to offering real-life case studies that demonstrate the uses and misuses of testing in todays society. Informal discussions and real-life examples maximize student interest and make the material personally relevant. The Eighth Edition goes further than any previous edition in spelling out the applications of psychological testing in a wide variety of applied fields. The authors discuss computer-adaptive testing and item response theory, addressing how the age of computers has completely revolutionized psychological testing. Discussions of testing topics organized around the application areas: Chapter 11 considers psychological testing in education and special education; Chapter 12 looks at the use of standardized tests in education, civil service, and the military; and Chapters 13 and 14 consider the use of psychological tests in clinical and counseling settings.