The text is meant for MBA students who opt for an elective paper called as Quality Management, Quality Control, Total Quality Management (TQM), etc. This elective is offered in the POM stream. It can also be used in the industrial engineering dePartments where courses are likely to be named Quality Control, Statistical Process Control, or Quality Process Analysis. It presents a comprehensive approach to quality improvement, using Dr. W. Edwards Deming's philosophy of quality, productivity, and competitive position.

Key Features:-

  • Focuses on Deming's pioneering theory of management and ties all discussions of statistical topics t
  • Provides detailed quality improvement stories (an effective format for presenting and working on sta
  • Has many examples and mini-case studies to help students understand and better appreciate the topics
  • Six chapters on general quality management or administration, as well as expanded basic methods such
  • Comprehensive coverage of the role of experiments and product design in quality management, providin
  • Technology - Integrates Excel screenshots throughout the control chart chapters, providing students

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General Information  
PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2008