More Details about Retail Management

General Information  
Author(s)Sudarshan Seshanna
PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2015


"Retail Management presents retail in India and other emerging markets and covers core concepts, frameworks and universals in retail, very comprehensively—retail shopper and market segmentation; product planning and merchandise management; site selection and location analysis; layout and visual merchandising; store operations; and customer relationship management, among others. It builds primarily on consumer understanding and relies heavily on business models in retailing; disintermediation and the retail omni channel; and deeply on the Indian retail experience in modern trade. This very comprehensive first edition shows how retailers—both online and store-based—create unmatched retail solutions that deliver highly differentiated offerings to value, lifestyle and premium shoppers.

Salient Features: 

1. Coverage of latest topics such as e-loyalty, Reducing Check Out and Price Tag Errors,
Product Management Automation Practices of Global Retailers, Atmospherics in Internet
Retailing, Market Potential Value Analysis, Value and Specialty Retail in Emerging Markets
provide a unique dimension to this text
2. Showcase—a prominent chapter feature based on practitioner insights engages students
to learn and discover retail management through numerous real-life examples of retail
management in practice
3. Includes chapter-end case studies that discuss the best business practices of Indian as well
as global retailer brands