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Sanjiva Rows : Commentary On Law Of Easements & Licences Alongwith Model Forms, With Latest Case Laws, 8Th New Edn. at Meripustak

Sanjiva Rows : Commentary On Law Of Easements & Licences Alongwith Model Forms, With Latest Case Laws, 8Th New Edn. by Sanjiva Row, Delhi Law House

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  • General Information  
    Author(s)Sanjiva Row
    PublisherDelhi Law House
    Edition8th Edition
    Publish YearAugust 2018


    Delhi Law House Sanjiva Rows : Commentary On Law Of Easements & Licences Alongwith Model Forms, With Latest Case Laws, 8Th New Edn. by Sanjiva Row

    In pursuance of constant demand of our esteemed readers, we have decided to publish the revised edition of the existing work. While revising the original work, we have done our best to keep the original spirit of the book intact. An easement is a right which the owner or occupier of certain land possesses, as such for the beneficial enjoyment of that land to do and continue to do something or to prevent or continue to prevent something being alone, in or open, or in respect of certain other land not his own. An easement is a non-possessory right to use and/or enter into the real property of another without possessing it. Modern Courts recognize more varieties of easements, but the basic categories of easements still from the foundation of easement law. Contents Part I - Preliminary 1. Short Title 2. Saving 3. Construction of Certain References of Act XV of 1877 and Act IX of 1871 Chapter 1. Of Easements Generally 4. Easement Defined 5. Continuous and Discontinuous Apparent and Non-Apparent Easements 6. Easement for Limited Time or on Condition 7. Easement Restrictive of Certain Rights Chapter 2. The Imposition, Acquisition and Transfer of Easements 8. Who may Impose Easements? 9. Servient Owners 10. Lessor and Mortgagor 11. Lessee 12. Who may Acquire Easement 13. Easements of Necessity and Quasi-Easements 14. Direction of Way of Necessity 15. Acquisition by Prescription 16. Exclusion in Favour of Reversioner of Servient Heritage 17. Rights Which Cannot be Acquired by Prescription 18. Customary Easements 19. Transfer of Dominant Heritage Passes Easement Chapter 3. The Incidents of Easements 20. Rules Controlled by Contract or Title 21. Bar to Use Unconnected with Enjoyment 22. Exercise of Easement — Confinement of Exercise of Easement 23. Right to Alter Mode of Enjoyment 24. Right to Do Acts to Secure Enjoyment 25. Liability for Expenses Necessary for Preservation of Easement 26. Liability for Damage from Want of Repair 27. Servient Owner Not Bound to Do Anything 28. Extent of Easements 29. Increase of Easement 30. Partition of Dominant Heritage 31. Obstruction in Case of Excessive User Chapter 4. The Disturbance of Easements 32. Right to Enjoyment Without Disturbance 33. Suit for Disturbance of Easement 34. When Cause of Action Arises for Removal of Support 35. Injunction to Restrain Disturbance 36. Abatement of Obstruction of Easement Chapter 5. The Extinction, Suspension and Revival of Easements 37. Extinction by Dissolution of Right of Servient Owner 38. Extinction by Release 39. Extinction by Revocation 40. Extinction on Expiration of Limited Period or Happening of Dissolving Condition 41. Extinction on Termination of Necessity 42. Extinction of Useless Easement 43. Extinction by Permanent Change in Dominant Heritage 44. Extinction on Permanent Alteration of Servient Heritage by Superior Force 45. Extinction by Destruction of Either Heritage 46. Extinction by Unity of Ownership 47. Extinction by Non-Enjoyment 48. Extinction of Accessory Rights 49. Suspension of Easement 50. Servient Owner Not Entitled to Require Continuance 51. Revival of Easements Chapter 6. Licences 52. "Licence" Defined 53. Who May Grant Licence 54. Grant May be Express or Implied 55. Accessory Licenses Annexed by Law 56. Licence when Transferable 57. Grantor's Duty to Disclose Defects 58. Grantor's Duty Not to Render Property Unsafe 59. Grantor's Transferee Not Bound by Licence 60. Licence when Revocable 61. Revocation Express or Implied 62. Licence when Deemed Revoked 63. Licensee's Right on Revocation 64. Licensee's Rights on Eviction Appendix I - Relevant Provisions of Limitation Act, 1963 II - Relevant Provisions of Specific Relief Act, 1963 III - Relevant Provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 IV - Relevant Provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 V - Relevant Provisions of the Transfer of Property Act

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