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Selfless Self Talks With Shri Ramakant Maharaj 2016 Edition at Meripustak

Selfless Self Talks With Shri Ramakant Maharaj 2016 Edition by Ann Shaw, Ramakant Maharaj , Selfless Self Press

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  • General Information  
    Author(s)Ann Shaw, Ramakant Maharaj
    PublisherSelfless Self Press
    Publish YearFebruary 2016


    Selfless Self Press Selfless Self Talks With Shri Ramakant Maharaj 2016 Edition by Ann Shaw, Ramakant Maharaj

    There has been nothing like Selfless Self: Talks with Shri Ramakant Maharaj on the market before. This truly is the reader's story. It is the 'greatest story ever told' because it takes you by the hand and methodically, step by step, shows you how to uncover the hidden, living truth that you are. This is Self-Revelation in the most direct, meaningful and real way ever! Eureka! What a joy! Your inner master is re-awakened, regenerated, revealed at last! Page after page is filled with active, verifiable truth - the reader's truth.This is absolutely not conceptual ideology. This is a pragmatic manual, a roadmap to Self-Realization. Ramakant Maharaj spent nearly 20 years with the world-famous Master, Nisargadatta Maharaj. He followed his Master's instructions, and in turn, there was self-realization. This Master acts as a mirror in which you can see yourself. The 177 talks in this book guide the reader with a quiet but firm assurance, towards that which he already is. If you seriously and earnestly absorb and follow Ramakant Maharaj's instructions as laid out in this book, then spontaneous enlightenment, realization will arise. Guaranteed!If the reader is open and receptive, and puts the knowledge into practice, there will be a dramatic shift in perception. He will be totally transformed. And not only transformed, but filled with gratitude because at last, he KNOWS the answer to the perennial question, "Who am I?"In these pages, Shri Ramakant is like a physician. The diagnosis is one of 'chronic illusion'. You think you are born and are going to die. You believe that you are a separate individual with a body and mind. "You are mistaken", says the physician. All this talk is illusion. So, he sets about remedying this universal condition by prescribing the medicine of Mantra Meditation - to remind you of your True Identity. This is used to clean out your house, by repeatedly sweeping out all the illusory concepts that have been dwelling within you as 'unlawful tenants' from childhood till today. "You are already realized. You simply do not know it", says the Master-physician.The aim of this pragmatic, instructional book is to enable the reader to awaken, to return home to Reality, to the Thoughtless Stateless State, "prior to beingness/consciousness". In that state, there was nothing: no mind, no ego, no intellect. No knowledge, no concepts, no needs. No need of philosophy, spirituality, religion or God. No need of happiness, peace, food or sex or power. All this is body-related knowledge, material knowledge, illusory layers on your Presence that need to be removed. If we take the medicine, the prognosis is excellent. You will be rewarded with continuous happiness without any material cause. In Selfless Self, spirituality is defined in a fresh way: "The purpose of spirituality is to know yourself in a real sense, to erase illusion and to dissolve all body-knowledge". How do we do this? By forgetting and dissolving all our illusory concepts using the tools of self-enquiry, self-knowledge, meditation, mantra and song. "No knowledge is knowledge", states the Master. At the beginning of the book, the Master says: "There is no difference between you and the Master, except that I know I am not the body whereas you do not know". At the end, the reader can also say, "I know!" Home at last, he is happy, peaceful, tension-free and fearless. Indicators for Self-Realization have now been ticked! This book reveals the story of Oneness. It is a universal story, a 'Spiritography', and it is your story. Just read it, and see! All that is needed is acceptance, and then, slowly, silently, permanently Ultimate Reality will awaken. A timeless classic.