The information available on the economic aspects of various agricultura commodities is quite meagre and also very widely scattered.This series entitled Economics of Agricultural Commodities aims to fill this gap and provide complete, well researched and comprehensively compiled information. This volume broadly covers all major spices and medicinal plants. Although the list is long, 48 spices and 47 medicinal plants have been described, giving historical background, varieties, culinary properties and uses, medicinal / therapeutical properties and uses, production systems, statistical data relating to area and production, and yield in India as compared to other countries. The data collected, compiled and evaluated is based on the information provided by different sources like Spices Board, various commodity boards, Directorate of Economics and Statistics in the Ministry of Agriculture, Horticulture Board of India, FAO, USDA etc. This volume aims to serve as a comprehensive compilation and a storehouse of Information for the students, researchers, agricultural economists and all those who require this information for development of entrepreneurship and utilization of the natural resources for the benefit of the country.

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Publish YearJanuary 2014