Textbook of Dental Anatomy  Physiology and Occlusion at Meripustak

Textbook of Dental Anatomy Physiology and Occlusion by Rashmi GS Phulari, Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers

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Books from same Publisher: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers

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  • General Information  
    Author(s)Rashmi GS Phulari
    PublisherJaypee Brothers Medical Publishers
    Publish YearApril 2019


    Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers Textbook of Dental Anatomy Physiology and Occlusion by Rashmi GS Phulari

    The text has been thoroughly revised and edited although the basic format of the book is retained. The order of sections has been reorganized to allow discussion of the fascinating aspects of dental anatomy such as Evolution, Dental Anthropology, and Forensic Odontology to appear early on, so as to infuse interest and curiosity in the minds of young readers. Difference in morphology of various teeth, i.e. the Class, Arch and Type Traits of Teeth are tabulated in the respective tooth chapters. A new section on Oral Physiology is added that discusses functions of teeth, mastication, deglutition and phonation.

    Key Features:
    • Comprehensive yet, simple-in-presentation textbook covering complete syllabus of the subject prescribed by Dental Council of India (DCI). 
    • Practical aspects are also covered including tooth carving, tooth identification and assessment of approximate age of a specimen dental cast. 
    • Introduces the fascinating aspects of dental anatomy such as evolution of teeth, comparative dental anatomy, dental anthropology and forensic odontology. 
    • A new section on Oral Physiology is added that discusses functions of teeth, mastication, deglutition and phonation. 
    • New improved graphic illustrations of teeth, with important features labelled on each of the five aspects make understanding the anatomy much easier. 
    • Images of numerous extracted natural teeth, segregated as right and left specimens are given to lend good support to the text. 
    • Numerous clinical photographs throughout the text demonstrating common anatomic variations, related anomalies and clinical relevance of tooth morphology in dental practice make the subject interesting. 
    • Unique and innovative flow charts listing the anatomic landmarks and a brief summary of major anatomic features of each tooth help students in revision during examination preparation. 
    • Primary teeth, often neglected, are given due significance with a separate chapter, complete with detailed description of each tooth. 
    • Few interesting fun facts are interspersed with the text in each chapter that makes for an engaging reading. 
    • Differences between various permanent teeth (arch, class and type traits) are elaborated in tabular form for better correlation while reading. 
    • Chapter-wise Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) given at the end of each chapter along with additional MCQs available as an online-link would aid students in theory and viva-voce examination preparation. 
    • A separate chapter on tooth carving is given explaining the rationale, armamentarium and step-by-step carving procedure with life-size high resolution images of actual wax blocks in different stages of carving. 
    • Video demonstration of carving of various permanent teeth made accessible via online-link to help students learn carving at their own pace.

    -Target Audience
    Undergraduates and Teachers of dental sciences, Postgraduate Students (Dental sciences and dental auxiliaries)