In the present edition my emphasis is on providing a consistently readable format- permitting clear understanding of up- to-date concise descriptions of various aspects of science of crude drugs. The traditional drugs are discussed to provide link between current findings . Recent information?s concerning cultivation chemical constituents and therapeutic efficacy of each drug have been included. The traditional medicinal systems in Chapter I drug constituents in Chapter 3 and pharmaceutical aids and technical products in Chapter 15 have been re-written. Microscopical aspects of the text have been revised thoroughly. Extensive tables summarizing drug jnformations may provide more knowledge of the subject. A new chapter entitled Variability in Drug Activity is the additional attraction. Jnclusion of questions at the end of each chapter will strengthen the interest of the readers. Every chapter has been carefully updated and revised. Most of the diagrams have been improved in their lay-out designs. The practical application of crude drugs is stressed throughout the book. Many of the simple illustrations have been re-drawn to improve accuracy and understanding.

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Author(s)Mohammed Ali
BindingPaper Back
Publish YearJanuary 2012