More Details about The Doctor of Nursing Practice and the Nurse Executive Role

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PublisherWolters Kluwer | Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
Publish YearJanuary 2014


Offering real-world guidance and seasoned insight, The Doctor of Nursing Practice and the Nurse Executive Role is the first book to offer DNP-trained nurse executives the tools needed to create and manage successful nursing care systems. Crucial topics in leadership and personal and organizational success are addressed, using current concrete examples in nursing management. This is a unique, indispensable tool for nursing educators, current nurse executives, and those planning on taking up the nurse executive role. Suitable as a reference for both clinical and classroom use, The Doctor of Nursing Practice and the Nurse Executive Role will take seasoned nursing professionals and future leaders of the profession on a an educational journey where they'll learn: why evidence-based practice is critical to the delivery of quality patient care; tough questions, such as: How can nursing faculty inspire, educate, and empower nurse-executive DNP students?; Essential pearls to help you on your journey to successful leadership and management; why implementing the Magnet model makes sense even if your organization does not intend to pursue Magnet status. You can learn: why healthcare organizations must continually focus on improvement; the necessity of organizational transformation to ensure optimal ethical climates; how to become an effective delegator; how personal self-awareness leads to success; how to create an environment that fosters professional sustainability; and how to use succession planning and management to develop and maintain strong leadership.