More Details about The Medicinal And Poisonous Plants Of India

General Information  
Author(s)Caius and J F
PublisherScientific Publishers
Edition1st Edition
Publish YearJanuary 2012


The book is a compilation of 24 papers published in the Journal Bombay Natural History Society during 1935-1944 on medicinal and Poisonous plants of India by Rev. Fr. J.F. Caius, S.J. a leading authority on the subject. This is the first attempt to produce J.F. Caius, work in a book form. The book will be indispensable for those working on medicinal and poisonous plants, not only in India but throughout the world.The work contains medicinal and poisonous plants of important families, keys for identification of genera and species, their chemical substances, medicinal and poisonous importance, distribution, ethnobotanical notes and also vernacular names of plants, almost in all the languages of the World. An index to botanical names of plants has been appended by the publisher.Featured Titles Rodents in Indian Agriculture Nematode Management in Plants Disease Management In Arid Land Crops