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The Menopause 1st Editon 2012 Softbound at Meripustak

The Menopause 1st Editon 2012 Softbound by H.J. Buchsbaum, Springer

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  • General Information  
    Author(s)H.J. Buchsbaum
    Edition1st Edition
    Publish YearDecember 2012


    Springer The Menopause 1st Editon 2012 Softbound by H.J. Buchsbaum

    Nearly one-half of an American woman's life is spent after the cessation of reproductive function. A woman of 40 years has an additional life expectancy of nearly 40 years; a woman of 75, over 11 years. This pattern of longevity is likely to continue, so that by the year 2000, it has been estimated, 30 percent of the female population will be postmenopausal. While it is difficult to separate the results of aging from those of estrogen deprivation, it is important that we try to do so, since the results of the latter are amenable to treatment. The medical infirmities resulting from estrogen deprivation take a high toll among postmenopausal women. Nearly 200,000 hip fractures occur annually in this group, resulting in 15,000 deaths and a high morbidity rate. Sleep disorders, compromised sexuality, psychomotor alterations of the climacterium, and urinary tract disorders all contribute to a lowered quality of life. Appropriate treatment of these disturbing postmenopausal conditions requires an understanding of the underlying bio­ chemical, endocrinologic, psychologic, and pathophysiologic al­ terations of estrogen deprivation. Toward this end, the reader will find herein chapters dealing with estrogen metabolism in the postmenopausal female, end-organ response to estrogen deprivation, and bone metabolism and osteoporosis. Next, the reader will find chapters dealing with specific or­ gans, organ systems, or conditions related to the quality of life; for example, sexuality, urinary tract problems, sleep disorders, the breast, sports and exercise, the climacteric, and the psycho­ biology of the menopause. 1 Origin of Estrogen and Regulation of Its Formation in Postmenopausal Women.- 2 End Organ Response to Estrogen Deprivation.- 3 The Climacteric.- 4 Postmenopausal Osteoporosis.- 5 Biologic Effects of Natural and Synthetic Estrogens.- 6 Estrogen Replacement Therapy.- 7 The Role of Progestational Agents in Hormone Replacement Therapy.- 8 Adenocarcinoma of the Endometrium.- 9 Urinary Tract Disorders.- 10 Surgery in the Postmenopausal Woman.- 11 Psychobiologic Aspects of the Menopausal Syndrome.- 12 Menopause and Sleep.- 13 Sexuality.- 14 The Breast.- 15 Sports and Exercise.- 16 The Perimenopausal Woman in Literature.

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