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The Routledge Companion to Media & Gender 2013 Edition at Meripustak

The Routledge Companion to Media & Gender 2013 Edition by Cynthia Carter, Linda Steiner, Lisa McLaughlin , Taylor & Francis

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  • General Information  
    Author(s)Cynthia Carter, Linda Steiner, Lisa McLaughlin
    PublisherTaylor & Francis
    Publish YearDecember 2013


    Taylor & Francis The Routledge Companion to Media & Gender 2013 Edition by Cynthia Carter, Linda Steiner, Lisa McLaughlin

    The Routledge Companion to Media and Gender offers a comprehensive examination of media and gender studies, charting its histories, investigating ongoing controversies, and assessing future trends.The 59 chapters in this volume, written by leading researchers from around the world, provide scholars and students with an engaging and authoritative survey of current thinking in media and gender research.The Companion includes the following features:With each chapter addressing a distinct, concrete set of issues, the volume includes research from around the world to engage readers in a broad array of global and transnational issues and intersectional perspectives.Authors address a series of important questions that have consequences for current and future thinking in the field, including postfeminism, sexual violence, masculinity, media industries, queer identities, video games, digital policy, media activism, sexualization, docusoaps, teen drama, cosmetic surgery, media Islamophobia, sport, telenovelas, news audiences, pornography, and social and mobile media.A range of academic disciplines inform exploration of key issues around production and policymaking, representation, audience engagement, and the place of gender in media studies.The Routledge Companion to Media and Gender is an essential guide to the central ideas, concepts and debates currently shaping media and gender research. Table of contents :- Introduction: Re-Imagining Media and Gender PART I: Her/Histories 1. Media and the Representation of Gender 2. Mass Media Representation of Gendered Violence 3. Lone Wolves: Masculinity, Cinema and the Man Alone 4. To Communicate is Human; To Chat is Female: The Feminization of U.S. Media Work 5. Rediscovering 20th Century Feminist Audience Research 6. Historical Mapping Contemporary Intersectional Feminist Media Studies 7. Sexualities/Queer Identities 8. Gender, Media and Trans/National Spaces Part II: Media Industries, Labor, and Policy 9. Women and Media Control: Feminist Interrogations at the Macro-level 10. Risk, Innovation, and Gender in Media Conglomerates 11. Putting Gender in the Mix: Employment, Participation and Role Expectations in the Music Industries 12. Gender Inequality in Cultural Industries 13. Shifting Boundaries: Gender, Labor, and New Information and Communication Technology 14. Gendering the Commodity Audience in Social Media 15. Youthful White Male Industry Seeks "Fun"-Loving Middle-Aged Women for Video Games: No Strings Attached 16. Boys are... Girls are....: How Children's Media and Merchandizing Construct Gender 17. Girls' and Boys' Experiences of Online Risk and Safety 18. Holy Grail or Poisoned Chalice? Three Generations of Men's Magazines 19. Making Public Policy in the Digital Age: The Sex Industry as a Political Actor 20. Gender and Digital Policy: From Global Information Infrastructure to Internet Governance 21. Gender and Media Activism: Alternative Feminist Media in Europe 22. Between Legitimacy and Political Efficacy: Feminist Counter-Publics and the Internet in China Part III: Images and Representations across Texts and Genres 23. Buying and Selling Sex: Sexualization, Commerce and Gender 24. Class, Gender and the Docusoap: The Only Way is Essex 25. Society's Emerging Femininities: Neoliberal, Postfeminist and Hybrid Identities on Television in South Africa 26. A Nice Bit of Skirt and the Talking Head: Sex, Politics and News 27. Transgender, Transmedia, Transnationality: Chaz Bono in Documentary and Dancing with the Stars 28. Celebrity, Gossip, Privacy and Scandal 29. "Shameless Mums" and Universal Pedophiles: Sexualization and Commodification of Children 30. Glances, Dances, Romances: An Overview of Gendered Sexual Narratives in Teen Drama Series 31. Smoothing the Wrinkles: Hollywood, "Successful Aging" and the New Visibility of Older Female Stars 32. Globalization, Beauty Regimes, and Mediascapes in the New India 33. Perfect Bodies, Imperfect Messages: Media Coverage of Cosmetic Surgery and Ideal Beauty 34. Narrative Pleasure in Homeland: The Competing Femininities of "Rogue Agents" and "Terror Wives" 35. Above the Fold and Beyond the Veil: Islamophobia in Western Media 36. Sport, Media and the Gender-Based Insult Part IV: Media Audiences, Users, and Prosumers 37. Subjects of Capacity? Reality TV and Young Women 38. Telenovelas, Gender and Genre 39. Gendering and Selling the Female News Audience in a Digital Age 40. Looking Beyond Representation: Situating the Significance of Gender Portrayal within Game Play 41. Textual Orientation: Queer Female Fandom Online 42. Delivering the Male - And More: Fandom and Media Sport 43. Men's Use of Pornography 44. Gender and Social Media: Sexism, Empowerment or the Irrelevance of Gender? 45. Slippery Subjects: Gender, Meaning and the Bollywood Audience 46. Asian Women as Audiences, Asian Popular Culture and Media Globalization 47. Women as Radio Audiences in South Africa 48. Reading Girlhood: Opportunities for Social Literacy 49. Investigating Users' Responses to Dove's "Real Beauty" Strategy: Feminism, Freedom and Facebook 50. Feminism in a Postfeminist World: Women Discuss who's "Hot" - And Why We Care - On the Collegiate "Anonymous Confession Board" 51. Gendered Networked Visualities: Locative Camera Phone Cultures in Seoul, South Korea 52. Gendering the "Arab Spring:" Arab Women Journalists/Activists, "Cyberfeminism," and the Socio-Political Revolution Part V: Gendered Media Futures and the Future of Gender 53. Latinas on Television and Film: Exploring the Limits and Possibilities of Inclusion 54. Intersectionality, Digital Identities and Migrant Youths: Moroccan-Dutch Youths as Digital Space Invaders 55. Feminist Debates about the Sexualization of Culture 56. Post Post Feminism 57. Policing the Crisis of Masculinity: Media and Masculinity at the Dawn of the New Century 58. Glassy Architectures in Journalism 59. Online Anti-Sexism Political Action in the UK and USA: The Importance of Collaborative Anger for Social Change