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  • General Information  
    Author(s)Antonin Tuynman
    Publish YearSeptember 2017


    Lulu.com Transcendental Metaphysics 2017 Edition by Antonin Tuynman

    Transcendental Metaphysics a.k.a. Technovedanta 2.0 is at the junction where science and technology meet spirit in the light of the "Technological Singularity". It is written for people with a scientific or philosophical orientation and with an interest in (eastern) spirituality. The book aims to explore the concept of consciousness as the foundation of being and to provide a complete theoretical and technological digital framework to integrate all possible knowledge of matter, mind, information and mysticism without contradictions. Its basic tenet is that Panpsychism and Pancomputationalism are not contradictory notions, but two sides of the same coin that constitutes existence. The book also aims to show the limits of logic and science and furthermore aims to rid people of their self-inflicted belief systems. In fact, the book is an epistemological quest showing how philosophy, religion, logic and science fail to provide reliable knowledge and are speculative at best.