Turbines, Compressors And Fans, published in 2010, comprehensively covers the theoretical concepts, design, functionality, and applications of turbomachines. Turbines, compressors and fans are all categorized as turbomachines, and they are used in power generation, air handling, aircraft propulsion, and other industrial purposes. Turbines, Compressors And Fans focuses on the aero-thermodynamic aspects of each of these machines, and thoroughly explains the principles of dimensional analysis and flow through cascades. Some of the chapters covered in this book are Solar Turbine Plants, Thermodynamics, Combined Cycle Plants, and Radial Turbine Stages. At the end of each chapter, the author has added sections such as Advantages and Disadvantages, Notations, Solved Examples, and Questions and Problems. The eighteenth chapter of Turbines, Compressors And Fans contains miscellaneous solved problems in turbomachines, including those based on Euler's turbine and compressor equations. Readers will come across sixteen appendixes in the final portion of the book. A few of them focus on the specifications of wind turbines, aircraft engines, and compressor blade sections. Others contain information about principal SI Units, formulas, technical data, and heat rates. Turbines, Compressors And Fans contains more than four hundred illustrations, making it easier for students to understand each concept. This edition of the book has some extra features, such as a list of materials used in turbomachinery, how to setup a turbomachinery laboratory, and specifications of a few additional large wind turbines. Turbines, Compressors And Fans has been designed for engineering students, as well as practicing engineers. Those in the field of aerospace, mechanical, power generation, and IC engines will find this guide to be very helpful.

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Author(s)YAHYA and S M
PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2014