More Details about Wind Power - Alternative Energy Source

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Author(s)Nirmala Rao Khandpekar
PublisherSBS Publishers and Distributors Pvt Ltd
Publish YearJune 2012


Wind Power Alternative Energy Source by Nirmala Rao Khandpekar

What Is Wind After All, It Is Moving Air, A Strong Breeze: It Is Produced By The Movement Of The Sun. It Is Worshipped, It Is Feared And It Can Cause Damage. Literature In All Languages Has A Wonderful And Beautiful Body Of Rich Phraseology Describing The Power And The Glory Of This Natural Element Called Pavan. What Wind Energy Does Is To Convert Energy Resulting From Motion That Is There In The Wind Into More Useful Forms Of Energy Such As Motorized Energy Or Electricity. Wind Energy Is Pollution-Free, Substantially Sustainable Type Of Energy . By 2007 End, Global Wind Power Generation Has Increased More Than Five-Fold In Seven Years. Unfortunately , High Wind Harvesting Sites Are Usually Beautiful Sea Shores And Mountain Ridges Which Call For Judicious Sitting As Land Will Generally Be Farm Land, Urban Agglomerations Or Ecologically Sensitive Land, All Of Which Have Some Siting Fallouts.While Wing Energy Offers Eco-Systems Some Benefits, There Is Negative Fallout On Indigenous Wildlife Habitats And Bird Species And Turbines Noise Can Cause Serious Disturbance For All. Environmental Impact Assessment Needs To Be Taken Up Along With Costs Renewable Energy Installations, With Its Own Parameters. But When The Choice Before Us Is Burning Fossil Fuels And Eventually Not Having Any Environment Left, Sustainable Energy Choice Offering Renewable Power Like Wind Energy Will Need To Accept Technological Intrusions Into The Environment.