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Advanced Computer Architecture 2021 Edition by Smruti R. Sarangi, McGraw Hill

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  • General Information  
    Author(s)Smruti R. Sarangi
    PublisherMcGraw Hill
    Edition1st Edition
    Publish YearJune 2021


    McGraw Hill Advanced Computer Architecture 2021 Edition by Smruti R. Sarangi

    This textbook captures the latest developments in the field of computer architecture. It is targeted towards senior undergraduate students, graduate students, and industry professionals. It starts from simple in-order processors and proceeds to cover the most elaborate techniques in out-of-order (OOO) processor design that comprise the state of the art. The book also thoroughly covers GPUs and multicore technologies including the design of modern memory systems. Nonvolatile memory technologies and the DDR-4 protocol are discussed in detail. The last part of the book covers latest advances in power/temperature modelling and management, reliability, process variation, hardware security, and the design of AI/ML acceleratorsKEY FEATURES• In-depth coverage of modern OOO pipelines and GPUs. • Detailed description of the theoretical fundamentals underlying caches, NoCs, and memory models. • Latest developments in the field of nonvolatile memories, reliability, and temperature modelling. • Radically novel approach for introducing the concepts used to design AI/ML accelerators. • Pedagogy o Exercises – 193 o Illustrations – 416. Table of Contents : - Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1–1.9PART I Processor DesignChapter 2 Out-of-order Pipelines 2.3–2.36Chapter 3 The Fetch and Decode Stages 3.1–3.31Chapter 4 The Issue, Execute and Commit Stages 4.1–4.54Chapter 5 Alternative Approaches to Issue and Commit (Available Online) 5.1–5.61Chapter 6 Graphics Processors 6.1–6.36PART II The Memory SystemChapter 7 Caches 7.3–7.80Chapter 8 On-Chip Network 8.1–8.75Chapter 9 Multicore Systems: Coherence, Consistency and Transactional Memory 9.1–9.118Chapter 10 Main Memory 10.1–10.68PART III Advanced TopicsChapter 12 Reliability (Available Online) 12.1–12.33Chapter 13 Secure Processor Architectures 13.1–13.33Chapter 14 Architectures for Machine Learning 14.1–14.34Appendix A SimpleRisc ISA A.1–A.2Appendix B Tejas Architectural Simulator B.1–B.5Appendix C Intel Processors C.1–C.5Appendix D AMD Processors D.1–D.4Appendix E Qualcomm Processors E.1–E.3Bibliography (Available Online) Bib.1–Bib.19List of Trademarks T.1Index I.1–I.11