E-Commerce : Strategy, Technologies And Applications is aimed at familiarizing its readers with all the important concepts relating to E-commerce. It outlines the basic technical requirements of this field and mentions the various areas in which it can be used. The book has been divided into five sections, namely Introduction to Electronic Commerce, Business to Business Electronic Commerce, Business Strategy in an Electronic Age, Business to Consumer Electronic Commerce, and Conclusions. These sections have further been divided into various chapters focusing on different topics. The chapters in this book are Electronic Commerce, Competitive Advantage, Business Strategy, Case Study - Electronic Commerce in Passenger Air Transport, Inter-organizational Transactions, Electronic Markets (EM), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), EDI - The Nuts and Bolts, Inter-organizational E-commerce, Consumer Trade Transactions, The Internet, A Page on The Web, The Elements of E-commerce, The Value Chain, EDI and Business, E-business and Electronic Commerce – Let A Thousand Flowers Bloom. The book is also inclusive of a bibliography, and an index. The author of this book has made sure to provide his readers with extensive information on each of these topics, so as to boost their knowledge of the subject. The language used in this book is relatively simple, and this makes it helpful to the readers as they can grasp the concepts quickly. The book is inclusive of numerous exercises, and examples that can be of immense help to the readers.

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