More Details about Elec Comp & Materials

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PublisherMcGraw Hill


This book is designed keeping in view the syllabi of various states for the course in Industrial Electronics and Control. It is presently the only book that covers the complete course requirement at the diploma level. Written in a comprehensive and lucid manner, this book deals with the principle of operations of both the magnetic control devices as well as the electronic control devices, using thyristors. Apart from the control systems the book deals with semiconductor physics, applications of thyristor based control devices and industrial circuits. It also explains electronic control of heating, welding and solid state motor control circuits, these circuits have been verified and tested by experts, in the laboratory. Features Explains the physical appearance. Specifications and characteristic of various electronic components and the factors influencing their parameters while in operation. Detailed exposition of industrial processes involved in fabrication of electronic and electro-mechanical components. Provides guidelines regarding documentation necessary for the components under production/application Provides technical know-how for : Testing: Storage : Inspection: Quality Control: Packaging: Transportation. Extensively illustrated with self-explanatory figures.