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GATE Electronics and Communication Engineering 2020 by Trishna Knowledge Systems, Pearson India

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  • General Information  
    Author(s)Trishna Knowledge Systems
    PublisherPearson India
    Publish YearDecember 2019


    Pearson India GATE Electronics and Communication Engineering 2020 by Trishna Knowledge Systems

    This book has been prepared by a group of faculties who are highly experienced in training GATE candidates and are also subject matter experts. As a result this book would serve as a one-stop solution for any GATE aspirant to crack the examination. The book is divided into 8 units. Coverage is as per the syllabus prescribed for GATE and topics are handled in a comprehensive manner - beginning from the basics and progressing in a step-by-step manner supported by ample number of solved and unsolved problems. Extra care has been taken to present the content in a modular and systematic manner - to facilitate easy understanding of all topics.
    Table of Content:
    Preface Key Pedagogical Features Syllabus:
    Electronics and Communication Engineering Chapter-wise Analysis of Previous Years' Papers General Information about GATE Solved Papers 2019 Electronics and Communication Engineering
    UNIT 1 Networks
    Chapter 1
    Network Elements and Basic Laws
    Chapter 2 Network Theorems
    Chapter 3 Transient Analysis (Ac and Dc)
    Chapter 4 Two-Port Networks
    Chapter 5 Resonance
    UNIT II Signals and Systems
    Chapter 1 Introduction to Signals and systems
    Chapter 2 Laplace Transform
    Chapter 3 Z Transform
    Chapter 4 Continuous time Fourier Analysis
    Chapter 5 Discrete time Fourier Analysis
    UNIT III Control Systems
    Chapter 1 Introduction to Control Systems
    Chapter 2 Time Response Analysis
    Chapter 3 Stability Analysis
    Chapter 4 Controllers and Compensators
    Chapter 5 State Space Analysis
    UNIT IV Electronic Devices and Circuits
    Chapter 1 Semiconductor Theory
    Chapter 2 Theory of P-N Junction Diode
    Chapter 3 Bipolar Junction Transistors
    Chapter 4 Field Effect Transistors
    Chapter 5 Optoelectronic Devices
    UNIT V Analog Circuits
    Chapter 1 Diode Circuits
    Chapter 2 Transistor Biasing
    Chapter 3 Amplifiers
    Chapter 4 Differential and Feedback Amplifiers
    Chapter 5 Operational Amplifiers
    UNIT VI Digital Circuits
    Chapter 1 Number Systems
    Chapter 2 Boolean Algebra
    Chapter 3 Combinational Circuits
    Chapter 4 Sequential Circuits
    Chapter 5 A/D and D/A Circuits and Semiconductor Memories
    Chapter 6 Microprocessor 8085
    UNIT VII Communication
    Chapter 1 Probability, Random Variables, and Random Process
    Chapter 2 Analog Modulation
    Chapter 3 Pulse Modulation and Baseband Communications
    Chapter 4 Pass-Band Modulation
    Chapter 5 Information Theory and Coding
    UNIT VIII Electromagnetics
    Chapter 1 Elements of Vector Calculus and Static Fields
    Chapter 2 Maxwell Equations and Em-Wave Propagation
    Chapter 3 Transmission Lines
    Chapter 4 Wave Guides
    Chapter 5 Basics of Antennas    
    Salient Features:
    Maximum Coverage / Explanations/ illustrations ? Maximum Solved Problems – 950+ ? Maximum Practice Questions – 3100+ ? Elaborate Question Bank Covering Previous 14 Years GATE Questions Papers ? Modular Design for Easy Understanding ? Unit-wise Time-bound Tests ? Complete Set of Solved 2019 GATE Online Papers