Contents: Part I - Getting Started Chapter 1 - The Demand- and Technology-Driven Supply Chain Part II - The Basics Plus Chapter 2 - Spend Analysis: Start Your Engines Chapter 3 - Sourcing Strategy: The Brains Behind the Game Chapter 4 - Going to Market: Electronic Supplier Engagement Chapter 5 - Optimization: Going to Market with Complexity Chapter 6 - Supplier Relationship Management: Bringing Home the Value Chapter 7 - P2P: Where E-Procurement Meets Accounts Payable Chapter 8 - Contract Management: Documenting and Using the Deal Chapter 9 - PLM: Everyone Get Together Chapter 10 - Should Cost: From Spreadsheets to Science Chapter 11 - Services: The Hidden Gem Chapter 12 - Governance and Risk: Living in a Regulated and Dangerous World Chapter 13 - On-Demand Supply Chain: What Is It? Part III - Business Darwinism at Work Chapter 14 - On-Demand Transformation - IBM Chapter 15 - Tool and Die: The Tortoise or the Hare? Part IV - Now Do It! Chapter 16 - Money: Making the Business Case Chapter 17 - Master Planning: Creating and Following the Practical Blueprint Chapter 18 - Adoption: The Real Measure of Success Chapter 19 - Education: Training the Tools and Tools for Training Chapter 20 - Goals and Measurements: Defining Winning Chapter 21 - The Future: Crystal Ball Gazing

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Author(s)Robert A Rudzki and Douglas A Smock
PublisherCengage Learning
Publish YearJanuary 2014