1. Introduction to Microcontrollers
2. Programming Model and Architecture of the 8051
3. Program Development Process and Tools
4. Addressing Modes and Data Movement Instructions
5. Arithmetic and Logical Instructions
6. Bit-Processing Instructions
7. Program-Flow Control Instructions
8. Look-Up Tables and Jump Tables
9. Code Conversions, Array Processing and 16 Bit Arithmetic
10. Timing and Instruction Execution
11. The 8051 Hardware, System Design and Troubleshooting
12. The 8051 Programming in C
13. Input/Output Ports
14. Timers
15. Serial Communications
16. Interrupts
17. Interfacing Keyboards
18. Interfacing Display Devices: LED, Seven Segment Display and LCD
19. Interfacing ADC, DAC and Sensors
20. Interfacing Relays, Opto-Couplers, Stepper and DC Motors
21. Interfacing External Memory and Real-Time Clock
22. I2C and SPI Protocols
23. The 8051 Variants, AVR and PIC Microcontrollers
Appendix A: The 8051 Instruction Set Summary 
Appendix B: Using Keil μVision 4.0 IDE 
Appendix C: Instructions Arranged Functionally 
Appendix D: ASCII Codes 
Appendix E: Special Function Registers Quick View

Key Features:-

  • Learning Objectives and Key Terms at the beginning of each chapter
  • Latest advancements to the field like I2C, SPI etc.
  • Discussion Questions within the topics: 25
  • Review Questions with answers: 310

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