More Details about Wireless Networks

General Information  
Author(s)P Nicopolitidis
Publish YearJanuary 2009


This book provides an excellent introductory text covering the wireless technological alternatives offered today. It includes old analog cellular systems, current second generation (2G) systems architectures supporting voice and data transfer and also the upcoming world of third generation mobile networks. Moreover, the book features modern wireless technology topics, such as Wireless Local Loops (WLL), Wireless LANs, Wireless ATM and Personal Area Networks (such as Bluetooth). TABLE OF CONTENTS · Preface. · Introduction to Wireless Networks. · Wireless Communications Principles and Fundamentals. · First Generation (1G) Cellular Systems. · Second Generation (2G) Cellular Systems. · Third Generation (3G) Cellular Systems. · Future Trends: Fourth Generation (4G) Systems and Beyond. · Satellite Networks. · Fixed Wireless Access Systems. · Wireless Local Area Networks. · Wireless ATM and Ad Hoc Routing. · Personal Area Networks (PANs). · Security Issues in Wireless Systems. · Simulation of Wireless Network Systems. · Economics of Wireless Networks. · Index.