Plane and Geodetic Surveying blends together theory and practice, conventional techniques and satellite-based methods, to provide the ideal book for students of surveying. It gives detailed guidance on how and when the principal surveying instruments (total stations, levels and navigational satellite receivers) should be used. It fully and clearly explains the concepts and formulae needed to convert instrument readings into useful and reliable results. It offers rigorous explanations of the theoretical background to surveying, while at the same time providing a wealth of useful advice about conducting a survey in practice. The book also contains an accompanying least square adjustment program that is available for free download.

Key Features:-

  • Revises and updates the text to reflect recent developments in satellite navigation, laser scanners
  • Provides a more rigorous treatment of how to calculate and use mean earth curvature in geodetic geom
  • Includes substantial additional information on precise levelling, spherical and ellipsoidal geometry
  • Offers a fuller description of mapping systems, including the State Plane Coordinate System

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General Information  
PublisherTaylor & Francis Exclusive(Cbs)
Publish YearMay 2014